NBC Affiliates Advised to 'Not Dump Out' of Movie for Bush Certification

By Scott Hogenson | July 7, 2008 | 8:27 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - An advisory to NBC network stations Sunday instructed them to "not dump out" of the movie Titanic to broadcast the certification of President-elect George W Bush as the winner of the Florida election and the presidency.

The technical advisory sent to network affiliates by the NBC News Channel in Charlotte, North Carolina Sunday was the result of a decision by the NBC network and not the news service, according to NBC News Channel Executive Producer Sharon Houston.

"It's our advisory," said Houston. "It was information, and the decision (was) made by NBC network." The advisory stated, in part, "if you are carrying the movie Titanic, please do not dump out of the movie."

Houston made it clear that the decision to not interrupt network programming to carry the news live was not made by her office, but came from the network. "It's not following orders, exactly, but we are the information delivery system for them, to the stations," said Houston. "As far as what the network does, we're the information delivery system."

The affiliate advisory from Charlotte was apparently not the only one received by NBC stations, according to Houston. "The network sends it's own - sends it another way too, to master control and everything else. We're just another delivery system for them."

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