NBA lockout: Players, owners meet in Manhattan

By BRIAN MAHONEY | August 31, 2011 | 5:55 PM EDT

NBA Commissioner David Stern, right, and Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver, second from right, talk to reporters after taking part in talks between representatives of the basketball league's owners and players, Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2011, in New York. (AP Photo/Henny Ray Abrams)

NEW YORK (AP) — Top negotiators for NBA owners and players met for about six hours Wednesday, just their second bargaining session since the league's lockout began.

Neither side offered any specifics or would say if progress was made, but said they hoped to have many more meetings in hopes of saving the entire season.

Commissioner David Stern, Deputy Commissioner Adam Silver and San Antonio owner Peter Holt, head of the labor relations committee, represented the owners at a Manhattan hotel. Executive director Billy Hunter, union president Derek Fisher of the Lakers and attorney Ron Klempner attended from the union.

The sides hadn't met since Aug. 1, despite saying they hoped to follow that with multiple sessions before the end of the month. They remain far apart on major issues, with training camps scheduled to open in October.

Stern said there is "clearly enough time" to make a deal that would allow the regular season to open as scheduled on Nov. 1, and said he has no timetable for when cancelations might begin.

"We don't have any deadlines in mind," he said. "We just have meetings in mind and discussions in mind."