Nader Seeks Green Party Presidential Nomination.

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - Long time consumer advocate Ralph Nader Monday announced his intention to seek the Green Party's presidential nomination. The 65-year-old man said he hopes to be on the ballot in as many as 45 states and hopes to receive five percent of the popular vote.

"Politicians of these two parties only look back when you take away their vote," Nader said during a Washington press conference.

Nader also spoke of a "widening Democratic gap," brought about by a government controlled by corporate interests. "Active citizens are left shouting their concerns over a deep chasm between them and their government."

The candidate said his platform will be based on campaign finance reform, changes in the nations trade laws and environmental protection.

In a 1996 White House run, Nader received less than one percent of the vote, for which he spent less than $5,000.

In past races, Nader accepted no campaign contributions. This time out he said he would take them and use the money to hire staff, to coordinate what he hopes will be thousands of volunteers.

Nader will find himself fending off competition from three other Green Party hopefuls.