Nader: Not My Problem if Gore Loses

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

( - Don't blame Ralph Nader if Democrat Al Gore loses on November 7. In a network television appearance Friday morning, the consumer-activist-turned-presidential candidate said Gore will have no one but himself to blame if he can't defeat "the bumbling governor from Texas with his horrific record."

"Come to us," Ralph Nader told Americans who have supported third party in previous elections. "We're the only party that's going to take this reform torch through Nov. 7 and build a growing political party afterwards."

Nader may owe his appearance on ABC's Good Morning America to the fact that many Democrats have started grumbling, very openly, about his candidacy siphoning votes from Gore. (Publicity about Gore's plight has propelled Nader into the headlines.)

Asked to address the concerns about Gore losing, Nader said it's not his problem to worry about the mutterings of "a few liberal Democrats." He continued, "My concern is to get as many votes as possible...No one is entitled to votes. We all have to earn our votes. And we're going to earn them as our campaign is surging all across the country."

Nader said he envisions his Green Party as a "watchdog party" - one that holds Republicans and Democrats to account. If they don't shape up, Nader warned, "they're going to shrink down in future elections."

As he spoke, Nader made repeated plugs for undecided voters, telling them that Democrats aren't doing anything about corporate welfare, abuses of corporate power, a bloated military budget, help for poor women and children, universal healthcare, or public funding of campaigns.

They continue to "scare people about Social Security," he added.

"We're trying to set an example in this country," Nader said, calling for a new political reform movement in this country.