NAACP Called 'Out of Touch' with Blacks

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:20 PM EDT

( - The NAACP is wasting too much time and energy on its boycott of South Carolina, according to a group that insists the NAACP is "out of touch" with blacks.

The Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, the founder and president of a group called B.O.N.D. (Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny), says the NAACP is "squandering" its leadership role by continuing "this ridiculous sham of a boycott."

The NAACP boycott of South Carolina dates back two years, when the group protested the flying of the Confederate battle flag over the Statehouse.

Last year, the S.C. legislature agreed to relocate the flag to a Confederate monument on the Statehouse grounds, but even that was not good enough for the NAACP.

This past weekend, NAACP protestors turned up at rest stops along South Carolina's borders, urging travelers not to do business in the state. They urged travelers "not to shop, not to stop until the flag drops."

"These people will never be satisfied," said the Rev. Peterson. He said the NAACP's time would be better spent patrolling low-income neighborhoods and protecting blacks who are victimized by crime.

"Instead they choose to endanger the jobs of thousands of hard-working Americans by continuing this ridiculous sham of a boycott," Peterson added.

But the NAACP is unlikely to be deterred by its critics. The Rev. Charles White Jr. of the NAACP's southeast regional office is quoted as saying his group will continue the S.C. boycott "until the Confederate swastika is removed from a position of sovereignty on state property."

The Rev. Peterson, who called for a nationwide boycott of the NAACP last year, said the so-called "civil rights" group must explain who it is serving - the black community or the Democratic Party.

The primary goal of the Brotherhood Organization of a New Destiny to strengthen the family. The group's motto is "Rebuilding the Family by Rebuilding the Man."

According to the B.O.N.D. website, its programs "address the wide range of problems faced by all individuals, all families, all communities and the nation at large.

"We also hope to call attention to the continuing threat to our cherished freedoms," the website says. "We believe the door to a new destiny is open to individuals who live by the principles of morality, forgiveness and self-reliance, and who strive to uphold family values."

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