MSNBC’s Jimmy Williams on Obama Rodeo Clown: ‘Modern Day Lynching’

By Melanie Arter | August 19, 2013 | 12:50 PM EDT

(AP Photo)

( – MSNBC contributor Jimmy Williams on Friday compared the rodeo clown mocking President Barack Obama at the state fair in Missouri to a “modern day lynching.”

“When you put a rodeo clown in a pile of crap and dirt in Missouri and you put a black face on him and say the word Obama 100 times, if you’re going to tell me it’s not racism, you go back and you live in Missouri, because in real America, that’s modern day lynching and racism and nothing less,” Williams said on MNBC’s “Martin Bashir.”

“This is purely 1,000 percent race-baiting,” Williams said.

The Missouri NAACP has called for a federal investigation into the matter. Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas), who invited the clown that wore the Obama mask, said the NAACP didn’t speak out when President George W. Bush was portrayed as a murderer.

Stockman said calls for investigations into the Obama rodeo clown by the Justice Department and Secret Service were “silly.”

Missouri is made up of two parts, Williams said, “the part that people don’t talk about - the racial part” and “the cosmopolitan part.”

Williams, who is openly gay, said his father was a “bigot” who taught him that calling someone the n-word was okay. It wasn’t until Williams thought about how it felt to be called a gay slur that he realized how wrong it was.

“I know racism. My father was a bigot. He was a racist. He taught me that the n-word was a perfectly fine word to use, and then when I came out of the closet, it occurred to me, ‘How did you like it when someone called you a f*****? You don’t like it very much. Well I’ll bet you 10 bucks, Jimmy, that people don’t like it when you use the n-word.’ Tit for tat. Equality is simple,” he said.