Meets Its Match

By Sarah Junk | July 7, 2008 | 8:30 PM EDT

( - Months after the liberal grassroots organization stirred controversy over political ads on its site that compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler, a new grassroots organization of religious conservatives is sponsoring a similar competition.

Let Freedom Ring Inc. is sponsoring a contest to create television and radio commercials that promote the organization's mission. But these won't be comparing political candidates to murderous tyrants.

The competition's rules specifically state that "no 'attack' spots that gratuitously vilify any candidate, officeholder or political organization will be accepted." Also, submissions may not encourage the audience to vote (or not vote) for a certain candidate.

"Religious conservatives are a unique kind of 'swing vote,'" Colin A. Hanna, the group's president, told the Washington Times. "They don't swing between Bush and Kerry, but between Bush and not voting."

Let Freedom Ring Inc. will "promote a positive political philosophy based upon respect for Constitutional principles, economic freedom and traditional values," said Hanna in a press release.

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