Mortar Fire Hits Terror Victims' Home in Gaza Strip

By Julie Stahl | July 7, 2008 | 8:15 PM EDT

Jerusalem ( - Several homes and buildings have been hit by rocket and mortar fire in the Gaza Strip and nearby Israeli communities over the last two days, including the home of one family with three children who lost limbs in a bus bombing three years ago.

Nine Kassam rockets and two mortars were fired overnight and Tuesday morning, landing in Israeli settlements in the Gaza Strip, the Erez crossing point and nearby communities in Israel. Eight Israelis were treated for shock.

One of the homes damaged by mortar fire in the Gush Katif area was that of the Cohen family, a spokesperson from that area confirmed. Three of the Cohen children - all under the age of 12 at the time - lost limbs when a Palestinian terrorist exploded a roadside bomb underneath a bus taking children and teachers to school in November 2000.

Noga Cohen said the hardest thing to explain to her children is why Ariel Sharon - who she said promised personally to protect them - suddenly wants to give away their home as part of his disengagement plan, which will remove all Israelis from the Gaza Strip.

"The thing the hurts my children the most now, because we're also not sleeping at night, is to return our home and the place where they paid the price of their legs...and suddenly to give this as a gift [to the Palestinians] without anything return," Cohen said in a radio interview.

"How can he do this to us? ... I don't know how to explain this to them."

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