Mission Statement

By EyeOnThePost.org | July 7, 2008 | 8:21 PM EDT

(Editor's Note: The following is a mission statement from EyeOnThePost.org, a website watchdog that analyzes daily coverage of the Washington Post.)


EyeOnThePost.org exists to conduct daily analysis of The Washington Post's news coverage. Since the founders are subject matter experts in journalism, media relations, cognitive bias, statistical analysis, and Israel, it is appropriate that this website's foundation will begin with the paper's coverage on Israel with future ventures into other subject matters as the organization grows.

Representatives of The Washington Post may counter the EyeOnThePost.org and dismiss it as "biased" and "misguided" in and of itself since we have "an agenda." Journalism is one of the few professions where if the same caliber of work were done in another field, lawsuits of fraud and misrepresentation would result. The media is shy of being in the spotlight and the subject of controversy and incompetence. As a result, some members of the media will resort to the low road by attempting to discredit the media critics and the claims by pointing to the paper's history.

EyeOnThePost.org therefore exists to serve the public interest by continually challenging the integrity of the paper by holding up the same ethical standards that they claim to adhere to since Congress can make no law adversely impacting the freedom of the press, and since the press is unregulated. Completely unregulated.

The efforts of BoycottThePost.org produced written admissions from The Washington Post that the paper "frequently failed" to report on the true intentions of Hamas, and that the paper needed to pay more careful attention to words since the writers were butchering the material found in the Associated Press source material. EyeOnThePost.org picks up where BoycottThePost.org left off. EyeOnThePost.org's position is the following:

Now that The Washington Post admits there have been problems, what are the editors and writers going to do to rectify them, and when is it going to take place?

Whether you are a subscriber, a media analyst, a journalist, part of the academic world, or a member of Congress, we welcome your interest in better understanding the news, the news behind the news, media bias, journalistic ethics, and the role the general public plays in insisting that The Washington Post get the story right. Because we have our eye on the Post. We are watching.