McCain ‘Has Much Better Judgment Than’ to Name Me VP, Lieberman Said

By Staff | August 28, 2008 | 8:20 AM EDT

Sen. Joe Lieberman told in January that Sen. John McCain had better judgment than to choose him as a running mate.

( - Speculation continues as of today that Republican presidential candidate John McCain might name Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-Conn.) as his running mate, but Lieberman told in January that McCain had better judgment than to choose him for that position.
“I think John has much better judgment than that," Lieberman jokingly told reporter Fred Lucas when Lucas asked him if McCain might name his running mate.  At the time Lieberman was campaigning for McCain in New Hampshire. (See article)
One McCain supporter, Paul Brooks of Salem, N.H., recalled for Lucas that he told McCain at an event in December 2007 that Lieberman would be a great choice for vice president. According to Brooks, McCain responded, “That's worth considering.”
McCain is set to announce his running mate on Friday in Dayton, Ohio.
In a column published today on this Web site, political analyst Robert D. Novak writes that Lieberman himself has advised McCain that a McCain-Lieberman ticket “would be a disaster for all concerned, and especially for the GOP.” (See Novak’s column).
Lieberman, a Democrat-turned-Independent, caucuses with Senate Democrats and is a pro-choice liberal.