McCain, Bradley Fight for Momentum

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - On the eve of Super Tuesday, Arizona Senator John McCain is hoping to regain some of the momentum he had two weeks ago after his victory in the Michigan GOP primary over Texas Governor George W Bush and former diplomat Alan Keyes.

"We feel great," McCain spokesman Dan McLagen told "New York looks good, and it's going to be close in California," he added.

McLagen said that McCain will spend Monday in California campaigning, then remain in the state on Tuesday as the election results are tallied. The latest polls show McCain trailing in California but doing better in New York where the race is almost a statistical tie between McCain and Bush.

"There has not been a primary yet that has met expectations. It's just too volatile," McCain told supporters Monday morning at a campaign rally in Santa Clara, California.

For former New Jersey US Senator Bill Bradley, momentum is a much more distant memory. The last time he was considered a serious challenger to fellow Democrat Vice President Al Gore was before the New Hampshire primary back in February. Polls show Bradley lagging behind Gore in all the Super Tuesday states, including the big prizes of California, New York and Ohio.

Bradley said in a television interview on Monday that he hopes to win at least two of the dozen or so Super Tuesday primaries, possibly Maine, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland or his home state of Missouri.

"I don't think there is a magic number, but I do think we have to win a couple of states," said Bradley.

His campaign staff is not conceding anything yet to Gore.

"Right now we're focusing on Tuesday," Bradley spokesman Eric Hauser told "We're fighting all the way."