Marlon Wayans: Obama is 'Too Cool' But Would Have 'Field Day' On Trump

By Nicholas Ballasy | April 29, 2011 | 4:25 PM EDT

( - When asked for his thoughts on the jokes comedians have made about President Barack Obama, Actor Marlon Wayans said "you can't crack jokes" about Obama.

"I told you he was too cool. You can't crack jokes on him, he's cool, he's really cool. Now, if Donald Trump was President, people would have a field day. His hair alone, its a field day," he said.

Wayans also said Republicans and Democrats need to "come to the table" and help President Barack Obama "make better decisions."

 "I think given the circumstances I think, you know, he's [Obama] trying his hard as he can, I just think, I don't think it's about Obama, I think Americans, Republicans, Democrats need to come to the table and you know, be unified in order to help him, collectively we need to help him make better decisions and help, the ship of America is not steered by just the President, it takes a whole nation and I think tha'ts what we all need to get back to and there's so much division that I think there needs to be some univision, some unity and then we can make better decisions as a country," he told on the red carpet at an event sponsored by the Creative Coalition.

The Creative Coalition is a nonprofit public charity organized by the creative community to learn about pressing issues so they can better inform the public and nation.