Majority of Americans Think UN Is Anti-American, Survey Says

By Melanie Arter | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

( - A national survey has found that U.S. voters consider the United Nations anti-American by a 2-to-1 margin.

The survey by the Center for Individual Freedom Foundation also found that conservatives believe the world body to be anti-American by a margin of 61 percent to 23 percent, while moderates agree with the belief by a margin of 52 percent to 27 percent, and liberals believe it by a margin of 41 percent to 36 percent.

"One of the things that's most striking about the results of the survey is the relative consistency of viewpoints among very diverse demographic groups," said CFIF executive director Jeffrey Mazzella.

"The U.N. has long attempted to impose a system of global taxation to redistribute wealth from citizens of the world's developed nations like the United States to developing countries around the globe," Mazzella said.

"In fact, Secretary General Kofi Annan amplified his call for 'alternative sources of financing' at a recent meeting of the U.N. General Assembly in New York," he said.

"If Annan had his way, American taxpayers would be sending even more of our hard-earned dollars to the U.N. in the form of global taxes on everything from the gas we use in our automobiles to our e-mail communications," Mazzella added.

"The American people clearly recognize that global taxation threatens our nation's sovereignty, especially when you consider that the U.N. would use that money against American interests," he said.

The survey of 1,200 voters was conducted between Nov. 14 and Nov. 16 and had a margin of error of plus or minus 2.8 percent at the 95 percent confidence interval.

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