Lott Won't 'Cut Deal' on Taxes; Calls Clinton a 'Demagogue'

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:24 PM EDT

(CNS) - Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) said flatly today that he will not budge on proposed Republican tax cuts of nearly $800 billion dollars over the next decade, and accused President Clinton of being insincere about tax cuts and of engaging in demagoguery. When asked on Fox News Sunday if was accusing Clinton of being a demagogue he answered with a terse, "Yeah."

Asked if he would "cut a deal in the middle" between his party's tax cut figure and President Clinton's lower tax cut proposal of about $300 billion Lott's answer was also short and to the point.

"Nope," said Lott.

Referring to the projected surplus of almost $3 trillion over the next ten years, Lott said that he wanted to return two-thirds of that surplus to Social Security and return the remaining one-third to the American taxpayer.

"We think that the third dollar of the three ought to be sent back to the people that earned it, the workers that pay overtax right now.

Lott said that Democrats want to keep the money not used to shore up Social Security in Washington in order to "spend it" on programs primarily for non-taxpayers.

"It's just like if you went to the newspaper stand this morning and bought a paper with a ten dollar bill, instead of giving you back change, like Republicans want to, Democrats want to use that money to provide free papers to the next nine customers," said Lott.

Lott accused Clinton of being "disingenuous" on tax cuts and on wanting to set aside all of the surplus earmarked for Social Security into a "lock box" where the money can only be spent on that program.

"The Senate Democrats six times have voted against the Social Security lock box and the President has done nothing to help," said Lott

Lott said that he is willing to work with the White House in tax cuts, but that President Clinton's "demagoguery needs to be toned down."