Libyan state media says NATO airstrike kills 15

By ADAM SCHRECK | June 25, 2011 | 9:00 AM EDT

A former Libyan prisoner, center, kisses his daughter after disembarking a ferry following his evacuation from Tripoli by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Benghazi, Libya, Friday, June 24, 2011. Three hundred Libyans, including 51 rebels held by Gadhafi troops, were returned to the rebel-held capital Benghazi on Friday. (AP Photo/Hassan Ammar)

TRIPOLI, Libya (AP) — Libya's state news agency says a NATO airstrike on a city near the front lines in eastern Libya has killed 15 civilians.

JANA quoted a military official in Moammar Gadhafi's forces as saying NATO warplanes hit a number of civilian sites Saturday in the oil-refinery town of Brega, including a restaurant and a bakery.

The official said 15 civilians were killed and 20 wounded in the strike.

JANA also claimed the five civilians in Brega were killed on Friday as well.

There was no immediate comment from NATO.

Gadhafi's government has repeatedly accused the alliance of targeting Libyan civilians in its air campaign. NATO insists is does all it can to avoid civilian casualties.