Liberal Protestors Want Bechtel 'Off the Planet'

By Nathan Burchfiel | July 7, 2008 | 8:23 PM EDT

(Editor's note: Due to technical issues, Bechtel's response was not received before the article was published. Therefore, the original report that they did not respond to requests for comment was inaccurate.)

( - Anti-war, anti-globalization activists on Thursday served Bechtel Corporation a mock eviction notice in an effort to get the company "out of Iraq" and "off the planet."

Bechtel, a San Francisco-based engineering and construction company, is a favorite target of anti-war protestors because of the millions of dollars in government contracts it has received to help rebuild Iraq.

Protestors demonstrated outside the company's Washington, D.C., government relations office to serve an "eviction notice to kick Bechtel off the planet," according to organizer Tom Nomad.

Nomad, an organizer for Students for a Democratic Society who helped plan the Bechtel protest, told Cybercast News Service that the protestors want to kick Bechtel off the planet because "if we don't, they're going to be a major part of us destroying this planet."

"Not only has Bechtel botched the reconstruction of Iraq, not only have they stolen money from military contracts and kept supplies from soldiers and Iraqi citizens," Nomad said, "but they've also been a major part of the globalization apparatus."

While the "eviction notice" holds no legal authority, Nomad said it was a way to start "a campaign against Bechtel that will hit them where it hurts, which is in the pocketbook."

He said anti-Bechtel activists have yet to determine what their next step will be, but that the want to "build consciousness around what Bechtel has done around the world."

Nomad said the groups won't try to convince elected officials to grant government contracts to other companies because "elected officials are in the pocket of the corporation."

Howard Menaker, a spokesman for Bechtel, told Cybercast News Service the company "fully respects the right of free speech and peaceful assembly" but said the protestors were "twisting the facts, spreading disinformation, and making highly inflammatory claims under the pretext of 'educating' the public about Bechtel."

Menaker said the company is "proud of the work we did on behalf of the American and Iraqi people."

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