'Liberal Media Bias' Inspires Launch of New Blog

By Jered Ede | July 7, 2008 | 8:05 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - America's most prominent media watchdog plans to launch its own blog on Tuesday with a goal of further exposing and combating the perceived liberal bias in the media.

Newsbusters.org is the latest project of the Media Research Center, which is also the parent organization of Cybercast News Service. The new blog will feature posts by some of the nation's most widely read experts on the issue of media bias, an issue that Michael Chapman, communications director for the Media Research Center, said "is almost overwhelming."

"Thirty to 40 million viewers are getting news from sources with a liberal bias," Chapman said, referring to the "old media" such as broadcast network giants NBC, CBS, ABC and cable titan CNN.

"This is a huge audience when compared to, say, FOX," Chapman explained. Though such conservative pundits as Bill O'Reilly receive approximately 2.7 million viewers per night, according to Chapman, this is slight compared to the broadcast network news audiences, which reach "20 million people a night" with news that "is supposed to be objective reporting, not commentary."

Concentrating on the news media's treatment of the war, Supreme Court nominations and elections, the blog will seek to answer the question, "Where is the balanced coverage?"

Newsbusters.org hopes to fill a void in the blogosphere, Chapman said, despite the more than 60 million blogs that already exist, according to a report in May in the Blog Herald, an online publication that monitors the activities of blogs.

That number notwithstanding, "this is the first time ever than an established policy research organization has joined hands with some highly respected bloggers to create one site as the clearinghouse for liberal media bias," Chapman said.

Greg and Matthew Sheffield, brothers and founders of Ratherbiased.com, the former blog site devoted to exposing the alleged bias of former CBS News anchorman Dan Rather, were hired by the Media Research Center to manage the blogging content on Newsbusters.org.

"This offers a more instantaneous response to bias that happens," Greg Sheffield told Cybercast News Service.

Blogs have frequently been criticized for the credibility of their published content, but Sheffield said that should not be a concern in the case of Newsbusters.org. The content for the website will come from individuals who have already proven themselves credible in the business of monitoring the media, he said.

Other blogs, Chapman added, "don't have the research, the sources, and the documentation to back up a lot of what they are doing in the same way we can." All posted items, Chapman said, will be properly cited and only come from trusted sources.

The blog's launch Tuesday is part of the Media Research Center's larger "Tell the Truth!" campaign, which challenges journalists in the words of Media Research Center founder L. Brent Bozell III, to "strive for objectivity at all times."

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