Liberal Law Professor Pens Op-Ed: 'Fire Eric Holder'

By Susan Jones | May 29, 2013 | 7:09 AM EDT

Attorney General Eric Holder testifies before the House Judiciary Committee on May 15, 2013. (AP Photo)

( - Even liberals are starting to insist that Attorney General Eric Holder must go.

In a USA Today column posted online Tuesday evening, George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley writes, "I am neither a Republican nor conservative, and I believe Holder should be fired."

Turley concludes that Holder "has done little in his tenure to protect civil liberties or the free press. Rather, Holder has supervised a comprehensive erosion of privacy rights, press freedom and due process. This ignoble legacy was made possible by Democrats who would look at their shoes whenever the Obama administration was accused of constitutional abuses."

The idea that President Obama would direct the Justice Department to investigate Holder is absurd, Turley suggests:

"(Last) Thursday, Obama responded to the outcry over the AP and Fox scandals by calling for an investigation by -- you guessed it -- Eric Holder. He ordered Holder to meet with news media representatives to hear their 'concerns' and report back to him. He sent his old sin eater for a confab with the very targets of the abusive surveillance. Such an inquiry offers no reason to trust its conclusions."

Turley describes Holder as Obama's sin-eater -- someone who shields the president from responsibility for his actions.

He also says Obama's "feeble response" in asking the Justice Department to investigate itself "was the ultimate proof that these are Obama's sins despite his effort to feign ignorance. It did not matter that Holder is the sin eater who has lost his stomach or that such mortal sins are not so easily digested. Indeed, these sins should be fatal for any attorney general."

In his recent testimony before the House Judiciary Committee, Holder "proceeded to claim absolute and blissful ignorance" of the investigation into the Justice Department's secret seizure of AP phone records, Turley noted. Then came the scandal involving the secret subpoena of Fox News reporter James Rosen's emails and phone records.

During last week's congressional testimony, "Holder was so busy denying responsibility for today's scandals, he began denying known facts about older scandals, such as the 'Fast and Furious' gun operation," Turley wrote.

Other liberals casting a dubious eye on Holder include Fox News contributor Bob Beckel, who said on Tuesday that the furor surrounding the attorney general "is not going away."

"It's expanding," Beckel said, "particularly the Holder piece of this.

"There is a general sense among Democrats that Holder cannot survive this. And one of the things that strikes me is that whenever you call lead press people to have a discussion with them, that means you are in trouble."