Liberal Group May Target Conservative Democrats

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

( - A liberal advocacy group that consistently opposes both the conservative agenda and conservative Republicans may also target conservative Democrats in the upcoming election cycle., in an email message to supporters, said it is considering a plan to support "progressives" who challenge "right-wing Democrats" in primary races.

"We think this makes sense, but it's a big decision so we wanted to check with you and other MoveOn members. What do you think?"

The message allows readers to register their opinions by clicking on the appropriate link. is telling supporters its top goal in 2006 is to break the conservative Republican "stranglehold" on Congress, but its mission also includes holding Democrats to the party's "highest values" on issues like foreign policy, the economy and government.

"That sometimes means grappling with specific right-wing Democrats who consistently side with big corporations and right-wing Republicans," the message said.

MoveOn says there should be "real consequences" for Democrats who "sell out," and it pointed to Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Tex.) as an example of a "right-wing Democrat infamous for supporting the Bush agenda and Republican legislation."

"Replacing a right-wing Democrat with a more progressive Democrat will help voters more clearly understand what Democrats stand for -- and that will help Democrats win," MoveOn said.

"We would start with the worst like Cuellar and work to build a progressive majority one election at a time."

Cuellar's challenger in the March 7 Democratic primary is former Rep. CIro Rodriguez of San Antonio.

According to, a Democratic majority in Congress would be a big step towards "progressive reform," but it says liberals must also work to build a "progressive majority that will work toward bold reforms."

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