Lawsuit claims News Corp. tried to destroy rival

July 20, 2011 - 6:00 PM

A unit of News Corp. was interested in buying Floorgraphics in 1999, but the small ad firm's executives weren't interested in selling. That didn't stop News America Marketing In-Store Services Inc. from trying to destroy Floorgraphics, according to a lawsuit filed by the New Jersey firm in 2004. The two sides ultimately settled and News Corp. bought the company's assets and clients. The lawsuit, which portrays News Corp. as more interested in making a deal than sticking to ethics, raises questions about the media empire's ethics and corporate culture at a time when those same things are being intensely scrutinized. The media company has come under fire since allegations surfaced this month that one of its tabloid newspapers in the United Kingdom hacked into the voicemail of a murdered schoolgirl.