Lawmakers To Introduce Resolution Declaring War

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:28 PM EDT

( - A group of mostly Republican lawmakers today plans to introduce a joint resolution declaring a state of war between the United States and international terrorists and their sponsors.

The lawmakers, including Rep. Bob Barr (R-Ga.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Nathan Deal (R-Ga.), Tom Tancredo (R-Co.) and Pete Sessions (R-Ala.), said they would hold a press conference at 1:30 p.m. Thursday to discuss the war declaration.

That should please conservatives who have been urging Congress to issue a formal declaration of war against the entire fundamentalist Islamic terrorist network.

Empower America, led by William Bennett, Jack Kmp, and Jeanne Kirkpatrick, issued a statement on Wednesday saying, "We are at war with all fundamentalist Islamic entities waging war against the United States and our civilization, whether they assume the identities of Osama bin Ladin's Al-Qaida, The Islamic Jihad, or any other amorphous grouping or 'non governmental organization' that is credibly known to be part of this abominable network of terror."

The group said any war declaration should also apply to foreign nations that harbor or otherwise support terrorists.

"America is the world's best hope for freedom, opportunity and democracy. It was that hope and idea that was targeted, and it is that hope and idea we must and shall defend."

The statement concluded, "Once having declared war, we must wage it, and remove this terrorism and these terrorists from the face of the earth." President Bush on Wednesday stopped short of asking Congress to declare war, but U.S. lawmakers continue to discuss it.