Lawmaker: Students Don't Need Guns, They Should Learn Judo

February 20, 2013 - 9:59 AM


Colorado State Rep. Paul Rosenthal

Colo. State Rep. Paul Rosenthal (D)

( - Speaking in front of the Colorado legislature, Rep. Paul Rosenthal suggested that college students learn judo as a means of self-defense, instead of using firearms.

“Another point that was brought up was that a gun is the only method a person, a student has at self-defense.  There are other methods, “ said Rosenthal.

“There’s mace.  What about a taser?  The buddy system.

“Other methods at self-defense: judo, or what have you.

“There are other methods, its not just the only method out there known to man today is a weapon, a firearm.”