Konrad Kalejs - A Chronology

By Patrick Goodenough | July 7, 2008 | 8:08 PM EDT

1941-1943: Kalejs allegedly serves an officer in Latvian Arajs Kommando, which was linked to at least 30,000 deaths.

Flees Latvia for Germany.

Arrives in Australia posing as displaced refugee. Given a position of authority at a migrant camp.

Granted Australian citizenship

Moves to U.S., where he reportedly makes a fortune in property, mainly in Florida.

U.S. Court of Appeals concludes he "assisted and participated" in the murder and brutal mistreatment of Jews and gypsies. Finds he lied about wartime activities on visa application. Deports him to Australia, where he moves into Latvian retirement home in Melbourne.

Moves to Canada, where he settles in Toronto apartment block, half of whose residents are Jews, including several Holocaust survivors.

Ten-month inquiry by Canadians implicates him in the murder of Jews in Nazi-occupied Latvia.

Aug 1997:
Deported from Canada back to Australia, whose Jewish community says the country has become a "dumping group" for Nazis.

Aug 1997:
Australian Federal Police say they will examine documents sent by Canadians to see whether he can be prosecuted in Australia.

Dec 1997:
U.S. immigration officials intercept him trying to enter country at Los Angeles airport (He was apparently trying to rejoin his common law wife, Austra Kalnins, who has been refused entry to Australia under immigration rules because she has a dependent daughter.) U.S. authorities send him back to Australia.

Flies to UK, enters on Australian passport and moves into Latvian retirement home in Leicestershire, using an assumed name.

Dec 1999:
Nazi investigators inform UK of his whereabouts, call for his arrest or extradition.

Jan 2000:
Home Secretary Jack Straw says he wants to deport him, as police have insufficient evidence to prosecute. Instead, Kalejs leaves voluntarily.

Sept 2000:
Latvian authorities charge Kalejs with war crimes, including genocide.

Patrick Goodenough
Patrick Goodenough
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