Keyes Says 'Racists' Deny Him TV Coverage

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

( - In the wake of his distant third-place finish in the South Carolina primary, Republican presidential nomination candidate Alan Keyes said Sunday that "racists in the media" have conspired to give him as little television exposure as possible to keep fellow African Americans from hearing his conservative viewpoints.

"The broadcast media is the media that is watched by most black folks in America. They don't get a lot of the cable channels. And as a result these racists don't want black people to know that the most capable candidate in this race has a black skin," said Keyes on CNN Late Edition.

"Because that might excite some folks in the black community, as I know it does when people hear about it," Keyes added.

Keyes said that some executives in the print media, as well as the broadcast media, have used their influence to deny him the news coverage so vital to a political campaign.

"Racists in the media are trying to do that," said Keyes. "The same racists who left me out of the picture in the New York Times. The same racists who have refused to invite me on the broadcast media in this country, while giving the others hour-long infomercials to spread their word," he added.

Keyes said that the media uses "racial stereotyping" in deciding which candidates get coverage.

"It's folks in the media who are acting as the censors of this process," stated Keyes.

In Saturday's South Carolina primary Texas Gov. George W. Bush finished first with 53 percent, Arizona Sen. John McCain received 42 percent and Keyes garnered five percent of the votes cast.

Keyes vowed to stay in the GOP presidential race indefinitely.

"I'm in the race as long as there are grassroots people putting together effective campaigns...I'll continue to work with those goodhearted people," Keyes said.