Keyes Says GOP Needs to Tell the Truth

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

Bedford, NH ( - The only way Republicans will capture the White House in 2000, is "if they present the truth," said presidential hopeful Alan Keyes at a campaign appearance in New Hampshire. Keyes insisted the truth is that this country is dealing with a moral crisis unlike any in his lifetime.

"We have the worst moral crisis in the history of our nation. We see it in our youngsters. We see it on out streets," he said.

Referring to recent shootings and other incidents in largely suburban, middle class communities, a scandalous White House and a breach in the fabric of the family, Keyes warned, "This moral cesspool is destroying lives."

Keyes reminded his audience that American voters often make election time decisions on moral principals and accused his party of "missing it."

"We are a noble minded people. We are not a gutter minded people."

Keyes warned the largely Republican audience gathered at a "Politics and Eggs Breakfast" Wednesday that the public needs a reason to return the White House to the Grand Old Party. Keyes warned that voters are reluctant to replace the party in power, unless they have a good reason to act.

Taking aim at his fellow Republicans, Keyes said other than himself, none of the other candidates "have the knowledge and ability to understand and articulate this great challenge...choose a candidate as the nominee who doesn't and you will loose."

Then specifically criticizing GOP candidates Texas Governor George W Bush and Arizona Senator John McCain, Keyes said neither man was a real alternative to voters. "Democrats take heart, if you face Bush or McCain, you will tromp them."

"The fundamentals favor the Democrats...If he (Bush) is the nominee of the Republican Party, he will loose badly and we will loose Congress."

Warning the national media has made the Texan larger than life, only to eventually tear him down, Keyes said, "We're being set-up by the media, just for this purpose."

Comparing Vice President Al Gore and former New Jersey Sen. Bill Bradley, Keyes said Bradley, unlike Gore, has no "stench or corruption and moral turpitude hanging about him."

Unlike the Gore campaign, which he characterized as "the pig pen of the Year 2000," Keyes warned, "The Democrats may do well to leave the stench behind," and nominate Bradley.

Keyes insisted the 2000 election will be won by the party which best addresses the nation's moral decline, a reality, he contends Democrats understand very well and will address by making their usual appeal that government is the answer.

Urging his audience to ignore the polls, which show Bush and McCain leading the pack, in the race toward the February 1st New Hampshire GOP Primary contest, Keyes insisted, "Certain moral principles can't and will never be decided by polls." The candidate said his party will recapture the White House only if it is able to address the nations moral decline and talk frankly about it with voters.