Keyes Says Bush and McCain Can't Win in November

By Bruce Sullivan | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

New York City ( - Conservative Republican presidential hopeful Alan Keyes arrived in the Big Apple yesterday blasting his rivals, Texas Governor George W Bush and Arizona Senator John McCain, as non-conservatives bent on reshaping the GOP and incapable of winning the presidential election in November.

"The truth of the matter is, my friends, that both Bush and McCain have always had the same objective - jettison the true conservatives as soon as you can," Keyes told several hundred supporters gathered at Robert F Kennedy Public School 169 on the upper East Side of Manhattan.

"George Bush is not a conservative; John McCain is not a conservative," said Keyes."Either of these individuals will swiftly go down to defeat in the fall," he added.

Keyes said that he sees virtually no ideological differences between Bush and McCain, and he called their recent attacks on each other a "phony sham" and a "stage show" orchestrated "to take the Republican Party from its conservative base and move it somewhere else."

Keyes arrived in New York just as the polls were closing in Virginia, where Bush defeated McCain in that state's GOP presidential primary, 53 percent to 44 percent. Keyes garnered three percent of the votes cast in Virginia.

On March 7th, voters go to the polls in New York and more than a dozen other states, in primaries on so-called Super Tuesday. Keyes' national field director Chris Jones told that he expects Keyes to do well in NewYork's multicultural environment.

"This is a guy who speaks fluent Spanish, can speak fluent French. He speaks fluent Japanese. There are constituencies that [Keyes] can reach in New York that no other Republican candidate has been able to reach, maybe ever, but certainly in a generation," said Jones.

Kevin McDonald, a salesman for a major corporation who resides in Manhattan, told that he finds Keyes "extremely impressive."

Keyes supporter Dean Engel told that she likes his positions on a smaller, less intrusive government and lower taxes. "Keyes believes that if man is moral we need less man-made laws," stated Engel.

Dennis Beasley, a Wall Street bond trader, told that he believes Keyes has a broad, in-depth comprehension of all the issues a president would face. "Keyes doesn't have to know every issue to know what moral construct [is needed]. You would have to test each issue in order to come down on the right side of it," said Beasley.

"If somebody asks you how to get to the airport, you don't need to understand everything about how a cab works. You need to have a strong foundation in transportation and mechanics," Beasley stated. "Keyes' foundation in Christianity and the Constitution will provide him with answers," added Beasley.

Steve Tersey, a field organizer for the Young Americans for Freedom, who attended the Keyes rally, said "Keyes is the only candidate that takes a stand for social issues."

"The Republican Party has brushed away the abortion issue. I'm from California, land of [pro-choice Republican Senator] Pete Wilson. I'm just so frustrated with the Republican Party I'm not even interested in following it any more. That's why I've come to this rally-because Alan Keyes is the only Republican I know who is authentically conservative," Tersey told

Stuart Horton of Westchester, NY told that he is backing Keyes because he believes that Keyes has the moral leadership to steer the country back on course after the Clinton/Gore administration departs.

"Keyes is the only candidate running, willing to pull the country back in the direction it needs to go after the last eight years of a complete collapse of morals and leadership in this country," said Horton.

"Keyes is the only Republican conservative still standing. He beat Gary Bauer, and he beat the big money publisher. He deserves a tremendous amount of credit for taking advantage of a system that basically benefits the left wing candidates," added Horton.