Kevin Costner Says Early Use of Oil-Cleanup Machine Could Have Kept Gulf Oil Spill Offshore

By Nicholas Ballasy | June 10, 2010 | 12:29 PM EDT

( - Actor Kevin Costner told a press conference on Capitol Hill that if a machine produced by a company in which he is a partner had been used earlier to contain the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, “we would be keeping that [the oil] offshore.” The machine, which Costner invested more than $20 million to develop, can separate oil from water to clean up oil spills.
Costner said that BP, the oil company whose damaged well is the source of the spill, had recently placed an order for deploying 32 of the machines.

“We’re coming to this fight very late,” said Costner. “I think everybody would recognize that. And so we’re going to do the things that we can do but this company is poised to mobilize in order to step this up and to create an environment where people can go back to work. There is a single moment that exists right at this moment and that is there are people out of work. There’s a moratorium and there’s no way to lift that unless I believe the government feels that people can operate in a safe way. This represents that pivot point.”
“If we want to discuss the ‘what ifs’ looking back, I think you could fill in the blanks of understanding if these machines were already deployed, what we would be looking at,” said Costner. “I could scale this out for you and we would be chasing this oil out at the derrick itself.  We couldn’t do anything about the size of the leak but we would be chasing that and we would be keeping that offshore.”
Costner, who was in Washington, D.C., to testify in the House Science and Technology Committee, is a partner in Ocean Therapy Solutions, the company that is marketing the machines that separate oil from water.