Kerry Lost, But 'Scandal of Pro-Abortion Catholics' Continues, Group Says

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:05 PM EDT

( - Sen. John F. Kerry lost the presidential election, but one of the controversies he inspired lives on.

The American Life League published an ad in Tuesday's Washington Times, warning Catholics that "the scandal of pro-abortion Catholic public figures continues."

Under a photograph of Sen. Kerry, the ad reads, "Even a loser's soul is worth saving." The text reminds Catholics that under Canon Law 915, "pro-abortion 'Catholics' like John Kerry must NOT be allowed to receive Holy Communion."

The ad also notes that during this year's presidential campaign, only 10 of America's 186 Catholic bishops were "bold enough to warn Mr. Kerry that he would be denied the Eucharist in their dioceses."

The ad's target audience is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, which is meeting this week in Washington.

"Now that the election is over, we pray [the bishops'] number one priority will be counseling and instructing John Kerry and the 69 other pro-abortion 'Catholic' politicians in Congress who scoff at God and scorn His Church-that if they obstinately persist in their support for abortion, they will be denied the body and blood of Christ in Holy Communion," the ad says.

"All American babies will be protected from abortion when the Eucharist is protected by all American bishops," the ad concludes. The tag line says, "You can't be Catholic and pro-abortion."

In a press release announcing the ad, American Life League President Judie Brown said the issue will not vanish with Kerry's defeat: "The problem is not going away until all of the bishops in the country actively enforce the Church's clear teachings on this matter," Brown said.

The American Life League's Crusade for the Defense of Our Catholic Church says its two-year campaign targeting pro-abortion 'Catholics' will continue -- "until all U.S. bishops uphold Church teachings."

"The Catholic bishops are bound, by their vocation, to teach and defend the faith," said Brown. "This campaign has absolutely nothing to do with politics and everything to do with the clear and simple Catholic teaching that you cannot be both Catholic and pro-abortion."

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