Jury selection to resume in terror trial in Minn.

By the Associated Press | October 4, 2011 | 9:25 AM EDT

FILE - In this Aug. 5, 2010 file photo, Hawo Mohamed Hassan, left, and Amina Farah Ali, both of Rochester, Minn., leave the U.S. District Court after appearing at a hearing in St Paul, Minn. The two women are accused of funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia, and are the first to go on trial in Minnesota's years-long federal investigation into the recruiting and financing of al-Shabab. Their trial begins Monday, Oct. 3, 2011. (AP Photo/Craig Lassig, File)

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Jury selection is set to resume in the trial of two Minnesota women accused of funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia.

Opening statements are expected later Tuesday in the trial of 35-year-old Amina Farah Ali and 64-year-old Hawo Mohamed Hassan, both U.S. citizens of Somali descent.

On Monday, Chief U.S. District Judge Michael Davis found Ali in contempt of court for refusing to stand for the judge or jury. Davis sentenced Ali to 25 days in custody and ordered her detained for the duration of the trial. She cited her religious beliefs for her refusal to stand.

Ali and Hassan are among 20 people accused of recruiting and financing al-Shabab, which the U.S. considers a terror group with ties to al-Qaida. The women maintain their innocence.