Jurors deliberating on Ohio serial killer's fate

By the Associated Press | August 10, 2011 | 10:28 AM EDT

Anthony Sowell appears for the sentencing phase of his trial Tuesday morning, Aug. 9, 2011, in Cleveland. The jury that convicted Sowell began deliberating Tuesday afternoon on whether to recommend that he be put to death or spend life in prison without chance of parole. Sowell, 51, was convicted of killing 11 women and dumping their remains around his house and yard. (AP Photo/Marvin Fong, Pool)

CLEVELAND (AP) — A Cleveland jury has resumed deliberating on whether a man who killed 11 women and dumped their remains around his property should be put to death or get life in prison without parole.

The same jurors who last month convicted Anthony Sowell (SOH'-wehl) entered their second day of deliberations Wednesday on which sentence to recommend to the judge.

During Tuesday's closing arguments for the trial's penalty phase, a lawyer for Sowell said the 51-year-old defendant should live. The defense attorney pointed to Sowell's troubled childhood, his service in the Marine Corps, his job history and his good behavior while imprisoned 15 years for attempted rape.

An assistant prosecutor said Sowell was motivated by a lack of respect for women and said he deserves to die for his crimes.