Judge Rules Washington Governor's Victory Valid

By Jered Ede | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - A Washington State judge Monday upheld last November's victory of Democratic Gov. Christine Gregoire, who had taken office Jan. 12 despite lingering questions over the accuracy of her 129-vote victory over Republican Dino Rossi.

Chelan County Superior Court Judge John E. Bridges confirmed Gregoire's margin of victory, ruling that Rossi's appeal failed to fulfill the "higher burden of proof" in order to overturn the Democrat's victory.

Bridges acknowledged that 1,678 votes were illegally cast in the election, 19 of them linked to people who were deceased. But the judge explained that Rossi had not provided ample evidence to prove that the irregularity, fraud, or illegal votes caused an alternate outcome of the election.

"The petitioner must not only establish the existence of illegal votes, misconduct, or fraud, but also the element of causation. That is: [...] that such irregularity was enough to procure Mrs. Gregoire's confirmation," Bridges ruled, conceding that the election was indeed flawed.

Bridges concluded that any effort on his part to try to fix problems with the electoral system in Washington State would be the "ultimate act of judicial egotism and activism."

Danny Diaz, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, explained that the RNC "remains committed to Dino," who, Diaz stated, "has been a statesman the whole way through." Rossi will hold a press conference at 5PM, PST, at which time he will announce whether he will appeal to the state supreme court.

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