Israel To Issue 'Black Book' On Iran's Intent To Destroy Jewish State

By Julie Stahl | July 7, 2008 | 8:10 PM EDT

Jerusalem ( - Israel announced Wednesday that it will prepare a "black book" on the Iranian regime and its attempts to destroy the Jewish State as a high-ranking State Department official was due in the country for two days of discussions, focusing, among other things, on the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction in the region.

Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, John Bolton, arrived in Israel Wednesday for a regularly scheduled semi-annual arms discussion, but the usually low-profile talks have been thrown into the spotlight.

Israeli officials declined to offer much information until after the meetings are completed on Friday but one source said that the talks would focus on the "leaking of knowledge and know-how on weapons of mass destruction from countries to other countries."

According to media reports, that would primarily concern Russia's sharing of information with Iran.

Russia has agreed to help Iran finish building a nuclear reactor, which was begun decades ago but halted as a result of the 1979 Islamic revolution.

Experts say that Israeli and U.S. Intelligence have clear indications that Iran will use the reactor to achieve its goal of obtaining atomic weapons - a goal, which could be achieved in less than 10 years.

Iran's hatred of Israel was highlighted after Israel captured a ship with more than 50 tons of weapons allegedly sent from Iran to the Palestinian Authority two weeks ago. Iranian leaders regularly and publicly call for the destruction of the Jewish state.

Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres Wednesday instructed his ministry to prepare a "black book" on Iran and the regime of the Ayatollahs, Foreign Ministry spokesman Immanuel Nachshon said by telephone on Wednesday.

He did so in order to point out to the world that Iran is trying to acquire weapons of mass destruction to destroy the State of Israel, Nachshon said.

Peres authorized the publication because of the declaration by Iranian officials calling for the destruction of Israel, its attempts to obtain nuclear weapons, and its supplying of weapons to the terrorist organizations Hizballah, Islamic Jihad and Hamas in order to carry out attacks against Israel, a foreign ministry statement said.

According to Nachshon, Israel's capture of the Karin A weapons ship was also a factor in the decision to commission the "black book."

He declined to comment on whether or not the announcement about the book is connected to Bolton's visit but linked the publication to signs that Iran is a supporter of terrorism.

"In the post September 11 world, you are either for terror and destruction or against it," he said. "And Iran is showing signs of being in favor of terrorism, destruction and death."

President Bush has vowed to rout out terrorism wherever it is. Peres and Bolton are likely to meet on Thursday.