Islamist Film Explains Why Muslims Must Not Vote for Non-Muslims

By Julie Stahl | November 3, 2008 | 10:44 AM EST

Jerusalem ( – Ahead of U.S. elections, an Islamist Web site is promising to release a film that explains why voting for non-Muslims is a sign of “unbelief.”
The Shumukh Al-Islam forum announced that it would soon release a film series on “Why Voting is ‘Kufr’” (unbelief ), according to a report from the Middle East Media Research Institute released over the weekend.
The short promo, which appears on the password protected Web site, said the films are not intended “to insult Muslims who vote, or to declare them unbelievers [but] are an honest attempt to dive deep into the issue of voting for unbelievers and weigh it on the scales of the shari’a” (strict Islamic law).
(According to the Salafi stream of Islam that identifies with al Qaeda ideology, it is forbidden for Muslims to associate with or to support non-Muslims because it shows that they are not true believers in Allah.)
Although the films had not been released as of midday Monday, MEMRI said it is obvious that the message was intended for American Muslims and seemed aimed at discouraging them from voting.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations urged American Muslims last week to vote on Nov. 4, saying it would be a “positive response to Islamophobic bias and stereotyping in political campaigns.”
In an analysis of the U.S. elections posted on another Islamist Web site Al-Hesbah, the anonymous writer argued that the “mujahideen” (Islamic warriors) would benefit from whoever wins the U.S. presidential election.
If Republican presidential candidate John McCain wins, he is likely to maintain a U.S. presence in Afghanistan and Iraq, deepening the economic crisis in his country, the writers reasoned.
If Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wins, he is likely to pull U.S. troops out of Iraq, allowing an Islamic state to emerge, he said.