India says China, North Korea Still Helping Pakistan with Missile Technology

By Suryamurthy Ramachandran | July 7, 2008 | 8:07 PM EDT

New Delhi ( - China and North Korea continue to help Pakistan's missile program, Foreign Minister Jaswant Singh told the Indian parliament on Wednesday.

"External assistance to Pakistan's missile program is continuing," he said, adding that India had conveyed its "consequent security concerns arising from such supplies and assistance."

Singh said India believed North Korea was supplying Pakistan with long-range missiles, missile technology, liquid fuel and components. Islamabad's Ghauri missile was Pakistan's version of the North Korean Nodong.

From China, Pakistan had bought M-11 solid fuel missiles, technology and components, he added.

India launched a long-range missile 11 months after its nuclear tests in May last year.

Pakistan, which also conducted tit-for-tat nuclear blasts last year, fired its Ghauri missile in response, and then test-fired the shorter-range Shaheen missile.

The two neighbors have fought three wars since gaining independence in 1947 and were engaged in a bitter territorial conflict in Kashmir this year.

Singh also told lawmakers Wednesday that India wanted to "broaden and deepen relations" with the United States. Ongoing Indo-US dialogue was aimed at laying the foundation for "broad-based, forward-looking and mutually-beneficial relations," he added.

India had declared a unilateral moratorium on nuclear tests, he said, and was willing to discuss replacing that with a legally-binding agreement.