Hopeful Kerry Supporters Gathering in Boston

By Marc Morano | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

Boston (CNSNews.com) - Supporters of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry are anticipating a big night of outdoor revelry and festivities in Boston's Copley Square if the candidate wins on Tuesday.

Kerry spokesman Steve Morgan said the outdoor event will go forward regardless of the election's outcome or the cold rain that weather forecasters anticipate.

"There will be entertainment for the crowd, and when we know the result, Senator Kerry will come and address the crowd," Morgan told CNSNews.com.

The campaign is expecting as many as 30,000 Kerry supporters to fill the square and watch giant screen TVs as the returns come in and they wait to greet their candidate.

Kerry campaign Communications Director Stephanie Cutter predicted a Kerry victory. "We are bringing out a record number of people to the polls," Cutter told CNSNews.com.

Kerry supporters were already out in force in Copley Square on Monday evening as workers prepared podiums and bleachers for election night.

"A lot of people didn't think the Red Sox could win, so they proved everyone wrong; and now tomorrow we are going to have another upset and hopefully Bush will be out of office," said Kerry supporter Des Dreher, a student at Berkley College of Music who was checking out Copley Square.

Kate Lackemann, a Boston resident and one-time volunteer for Kerry, told CNSNews.com, "I am so excited. I can't wait. We are being optimistic right now."

Lackemann plans to join the throngs on election night in what she hopes will be a victory celebration. "I will be here definitely, but it will be hard to tear me away from the TV,' Lackemann said.

"I feel like [the election] is fifty-fifty, it is so hard to call. I am so excited and so nervous at the same time," she added.

Another Kerry supporter, Sam Esterman, echoed that enthusiasm. "If [Kerry] wins it is going to be great to be down here. It's going to be a great time, I can't wait to be here (in Copley Square)," Esterman said.

Roneld Vemderhorn came from his home in the Netherlands to participate in Kerry's outdoor election event.

"I timed my vacation to be in Boston. I want Kerry to win. Four years ago I went to bed with [Al] Gore -- I woke up with Bush. I got really sick of it," Vemderhorn told CNSNews.com.

"It turned out that I was right, my feelings and my opinion is that Bush [has pursued the] wrong policies, especially the foreign policy," Vemderhorn said.

Vemderhorn said many other Europeans also hope Kerry prevails. "Most people [in Europe] are more Kerry-minded," he explained

But not everyone is happy to see the streets of Boston cordoned off for Kerry's election night party.

"I think it's annoying, because I have to get to work. I have to walk all the way around it and I understand that it needs to be here, but because I am not a Kerry supporter, I think it's very annoying," said Bush supporter Kylie Chelin, who works in Boston.

Chelin expressed her fear that Kerry may win. "I think [a Kerry victory is] likely but I hope not. I am annoyed and fearing the worst," she said.

President Bush will vote in his hometown of Crawford, Tex., Tuesday morning, and he plans to attend his election night party in Washington, D.C. at the Ronald Reagan building.

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