Hollywood high-rise plan has some up in arms

By JOHN ROGERS | January 8, 2012 | 11:05 AM EST

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Hollywood, that mythic land where movie drama was invented, suddenly finds itself in a real-life melodrama, one involving high-priced real estate and people taking on City Hall.

The Planning Commission recently gave unanimous approval to a new Hollywood Community Plan that would allow buildings of 50 stories or more along the area's heavily traveled tourist corridor.

They would be connected by the subway running under the Hollywood Walk of Fame, giving the area a New York feel.

Many residents say that's too much development for a city that still relies largely on the automobile.

They envision tens of thousands of cars clogging their neighborhoods, blocking emergency vehicles and making their lives miserable.

Neighborhood associations are banding together to fight the plan, which comes before the City Council later this year.