On His 49th Birthday, Obama Is Home Alone

By Staff | August 4, 2010 | 6:07 AM EDT
Washington (AP) - President Barack Obama is home alone on his 49th birthday, sticking to a schedule that will take him home to Chicago by day's end.

After meeting with senior advisers Wednesday morning, Obama will speak to labor leaders at the AFL-CIO executive council meeting about his administration's efforts to rebuild the economy and create jobs.
In the afternoon, Obama will present the 2010 Presidential Citizens Medal to 13 winners from across the country at a White House ceremony. The medal is among the highest honors a president can bestow, standing as a token of gratitude to those who represent what is best about the nation.
Obama is heading home to Chicago for a birthday celebration dinner Wednesday evening with friends. He'll spend the night in his own house in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood.

First lady Michelle Obama has taken their youngest daughter, Sasha, to Spain. Their other daughter, Malia, is away at summer camp.
Obama hasn't shied away from talking about his birthday, noting that his hair is getting grayer and his metabolism is slowing down as another year passes. White House press secretary Robert Gibbs says that while there's no doubt that the presidency comes with enormous physical and mental strain, Obama "greatly enjoys" the job.
Meanwhile, the president's birthday -- though a year shy of the Big 50 milestone -- is being used in this election year as a prime fundraising opportunity for Democratic candidates and party organizations, through mailings, e-mails, parties and other birthday-themed outreach.
On Thursday, Obama will tour an auto plant in Chicago and attend Democratic fundraisers before returning to Washington.