Hillary in the Convention Spotlight

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - The band played "New York, New York" as First Lady and US Senate candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton walked to the podium Monday night at the Democratic National Convention. Mrs. Clinton thanked Democrats "for your faith and support in good times - and in bad."

"Bill and I are closing one chapter of our lives and soon we'll be starting a new one. For me, it will be up to the people of New York to decide whether I'll have the privilege of serving them in the United States Senate."

As she spoke, members of the New York delegation held up letters spelling out "Senator Hillary."

In her speech, Hillary Clinton praised her husband's administration. "We've made so much progress in the last eight years. We are a stronger and better country than we were in 1992, but we have work to do and we have challenges ahead," she said.

"There is only one choice in this election whether we're talking about president, vice president or senator from New York and the right choice is to keep going forward together," she said earlier in a speech to delegates from New York.

The strongest applause came when she called for abortion rights, gun control, and tax cuts for needy people. "It certainly takes a village," she said. "And it takes Al Gore and Joe Lieberman."

Mrs. Clinton's fifteen-minute prime-time speech is a rare opportunity for a US Senate candidate. In contrast, her Republican opponent, Rep. Rick Lazio, stopped by - but did not speak --before the Republican National Convention two week ago in Philadelphia.

However, the two candidates are neck-and-neck in the polls, with Lazio buoyed by voters who see him as the "not-Hillary" candidate.

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