'He's Lost, He's Desperate,' Kerry Campaign Says of Bush

By Susan Jones | July 7, 2008 | 8:22 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - The Kerry-Edwards Campaign is releasing a new 30-second TV ad saying that President Bush lost the first presidential debate - and is now "desperate."

The ad begins with the narrator saying, "George Bush lost the debate. Now he's lying about it."

It features Sen. John F. Kerry saying, "The president always has the right for pre- emptive strike" and that Kerry would "hunt and kill the terrorists, wherever they are."

The Kerry campaign says its new ad is a response to the "latest desperate and false Bush ad," called "Global Ties." In that ad, the Bush campaign says John Kerry would not defend America against terror threats:

"The Kerry doctrine: A global test. So we must seek permission from foreign governments before protecting America? A global test? So America will be forced to wait while threats gather? President Bush believes decisions about protecting America should be made in the Oval Office, not foreign capitals," the Bush ad says.

The Kerry campaign said its new ad, "He's Lost, He's Desperate," will "set the record straight in the same markets the Bush campaign airs its misleading ad."

In other news from the campaign trail, Sen. Kerry will attend a town hall meeting in Hampton, N.H., on Monday, where he will discuss his plan to "restore America's leadership in science by expanding embryonic stem cell research."

Actor Michael J. Fox, who has Parkinson's disease, will join Kerry.

On Sunday, Sen. Kerry returned to Sen. John Edwards' "two Americas" theme, as he addressed a predominantly black congregation at East Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio.

"More than anything else, this election is about basic American values --our families, our faith, our love of country," Kerry told the churchgoers.

"The fact is, the wrong choices of the Bush administration are taking us back to two Americas -- separate and unequal. Again, where are the deeds? Where is the substance in our faith?"

Kerry indicated that America cannot afford four more years of a Bush presidency: "Time and time again, this president has chosen the powerful and well-connected over hard-working middle class families and those who are struggling to join the middle class. That's his choice. But it's not ours."

Also on Sunday, Kerry told a voter that Republicans are trying "in various parts of the country to suppress votes and intimidate people, to do things that bring back memories that are pretty bitter in the American mind from the year 2000."

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