Hatch: Gore or Bradley Equals A Liberal Supreme Court

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

Bedford, NH (CNSNews.com) - Utah Senator Orrin Hatch warned Granite State voters that the election of Vice President Al Gore or former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley would result in liberal domination of the US Supreme Court.

Hatch, whose New Hampshire presidential campaign has been characterized as "stealth," made his remarks before 70 people at a "Politics & Eggs" breakfast in this Manchester suburb.

"This country will drastically change if Al Gore or Bill Bradley becomes the next President of the United States," Hatch said. "Many of these liberals want to use the court...to pass an agenda which they were unable to get through the Congress."

Hatch, who chairs the Senate Judiciary Committee, said the impact of either a Gore or Bradley general election victory would not only be felt on the nation's highest court but throughout the federal district and appellate court level.

Hatch insisted a liberal-dominated federal judiciary would weaken the rights of gun owners, eliminate the death penalty, impose racial and ethnic quotas and give criminals more rights than their victims.

Hatch, who has raised only $2.5 million in his quest for the White House and has registered no more than two percent in any of the many polls taken in the state, said he hopes to finish fourth in the New Hampshire primary on February 1st .

Hatch also criticized New Hampshire front-runner and fellow Senator, John McCain, over his tax proposal and his frequent assertion that, if elected, he would remove some 12,000 military personnel from food stamps. Hatch wondered aloud why McCain has failed to accomplish that during his more than two terms in the US Senate.

On taxes, Hatch compared the McCain tax cut plan to one which would appeal largely to Bradley and Gore. Hatch also said that the Bush plan as one which would never make it through the Congress, and he called the Forbes and Bauer proposals as bad as the current tax code.