Hastert Honors Boy Scout Heroes

July 7, 2008 - 8:02 PM

Washington (CNSNews.com) - Calling them representatives of "what this country was founded on," House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) welcomed some of the Boy Scouts of America highest achievers including several who performed death-defying acts of heroism to Capitol Hill.

"These young people truly represent what this country was founded on honesty, good deeds and a belief in God," Hastert said Wednesday in receiving the annual Boy Scouts report to the nation delivered to Congress.

Two scouts at the ceremony received the organizations highest award for valor - the Boy Scouts Medal of Honor - for risking their own lives to save that of another.

Dennis Mills II, 16, of Cincinnati, Ohio rushed into a burning building to save an infant and Robert Q. Kollar, 17, of Centralia, Washington broke up a school fight and was stabbed in the process.

Kollar told CNSNews.com that the fight involved about five students and broke out so quickly he had little time to think but knew he had to act decisively to keep the brawl from escalating.

"If I had stopped to think, I might have been stabbed twice," he told CNSNews.com. Kollar has since recovered from the knife wound to the abdomen.

Mills told CNSNews.com that he used his Boy Scout firefighting training when he entered the smoke filled house to rescue a four-month-old baby girl.

"I covered her face with a blanket and stayed low," Mills told CNSNews.com. The baby was unharmed but Mills suffered injuries from smoke inhalation from which he has recovered.

Hastert also congratulated Cub Scout Tyler Scott Sanchez, 9, of Gonzalez, Louisiana for rescuing his three-year-old sister from drowning in a swimming pool. Tyler, a third grader at Lake Primary Elementary School, received the Boy Scouts heroism medal for his deed.

According to John Alline, the Boy Scouts charter requires the annual report to be delivered to Congress and they have been doing so every year since 1916.

Alline told CNSNews.com that 4.9 million young Americans are involved with the Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts or Adventuring, a high school aged coed outdoors program.