Gov't to Release 2010 Census Results on Dec 21

By Staff | December 13, 2010 | 12:03 PM EST

Washington (AP) - The government says it will release official 2010 census results that will be used to redistribute House seats on Dec. 21.

The date announced Monday by the Census Bureau complies with a constitutional requirement to provide results of the once-a-decade population count by the end of this year. The numbers will include a national tally, along with state counts and the number of House seats each state will receive.

Government estimates show the U.S. grew to somewhere between 305.7 million and 312.7 million people. States in the South and West, where Republicans tend to hold the edge in House seats, have generally seen faster growth compared to many states in the Northeast and Midwest, where Democrats are more dominant.

In 2000, the official count was 281.4 million.