Gov. Christie: 'None of Your Business' Where I Send My Kids to School

By Susan Jones | June 21, 2011 | 6:34 AM EDT

( - Known for his blunt talk, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie did not disappoint last Thursday when a woman on a public affairs TV show tried to make the governor look bad for sending his children to private school.

"You don't send your children to public schools you send them to private schools, so I was wondering why you think it's fair to be cutting school funding to public schools," the woman asked.

"What's her name?" the governor asked the host of New Jersey's public television show, "On the Line."

"Hey, Gail, you know what, first off, it's none of your business," Christie shot back. "I don't ask you where you send your kids to school, don't bother me about where I send mine.

"Secondly, I pay $38,000 a year in property taxes for a public school system predominantly in Mendham, that my wife and I don't choose to utilize, because we believe -- we've decided, as parents, that we believe a religious education should be part of our children's everyday education, so we send our children to parochial school.

"Third, I as governor am responsible for every child in this state, not just my own, and the decisions that I make are to try to improve the education opportunities of every child in this state.

"So with all due respect, Gail, it's none of your business," Christie concluded as the show ended.