Gore Wins Ornamental Delaware Democratic Primary

By Jerry Miller | July 7, 2008 | 8:25 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Vice President Al Gore defeated former New Jersey Senator Bill Bradley in Saturday's largely symbolic Delaware Primary, as no convention delegates were chosen. Gore received 6,349 votes, or 57.2 percent, to Bradley's 4,465 votes or 40.3 percent. Fringe candidate Lyndon Larouche tallied 279 votes in what amounts to a beauty contest. Delegates to the Democratic National Convention were not at stake, but will be chosen at district caucuses to be held March 27th and at the party's state convention, slated for April.

Neither Gore nor Bradley campaigned in the state.

The turnout was very light, with only five percent of the state's 204,105 registered Democrats going to the polls.

The vice president's win was his third in two weeks. Gore had a landslide victory over Bradley in the January 24th Iowa Caucuses and a narrow four percent victory in last Tuesday's New Hampshire Primary.

A spokesman for the Gore campaign said the low voters turnout was key to the victory. "When we called people, they told us they knew about the primary, but weren't coming out, saying it was meaningless, since no delegates were being chosen," said Benjamin Matwey.

The spokesman credited a turn out by organized labor as being largely responsible for the victory.

The Delaware contest was the latest and final head to head meeting between Gore and Bradley until March 5th, when the so-called "Super Tuesday" races are held.

The Republican Primary will be held Tuesday and will be a head to head contest between Texas Gov. George W. Bush and publisher Steve Forbes. Arizona Sen. John McCain did not campaign in the state.