Gore Campaign Seeks to Force Miami-Dade Recount

By Scott Hogenson | July 7, 2008 | 8:27 PM EDT

(CNSNews.com) - Al Gore's campaign chairman Wednesday said the vice president would try to force the Miami-Dade County canvassing board to complete its on-again, off-again recount of votes.

Local election officials earlier announced they would not conduct a third tabulation of ballots in Miami-Dade, but Gore Campaign Manager William Daley said Democrats "will immediately be seeking an order," to force the recount to continue.

Earlier Wednesday, Miami-Dade officials said they could not complete the third counting of votes there by the November 26 deadline ordered Tuesday night by the Florida Supreme Court.

Wednesday morning, about 20 percent of the estimated 650,000 ballots had been recounted in Miami-Dade County, raising questions as to whether a full recount could be completed in time for the certification deadline Sunday. The board said it would certify the count they transmitted to the Secretary of State on November 8, which means more than 10,000 undervotes will not be counted.

All three members of the board said that they wished to do a full manual recount of Florida's largest county, but were unable to do so because of the time constraints set by the Florida Supreme Court in its decision Tuesday. "If every vote counts, then every vote counts," Miguel De Grandy, an attorney for the Republicans, is quoted as saying.

The partial recount in Miami-Dade had produced roughly 150 additional votes for Gore, who was steadily gaining on his opponent, Texas Governor George W. Bush.

Bush had received more votes in Florida than Gore according to the initial vote tally November 7, as well as the statutory, statewide recount.

Miami-Dade was one of a handful of Democratic strongholds where ballots were being counted for a third time.