GOP's Mitt Romney Assails Obama, Faces Own Tests

By THOMAS BEAUMONT | August 10, 2011 | 5:15 PM EDT

PELLA, Iowa (AP) — Republican Mitt Romney is criticizing President Barack Obama for his plans to embark on a Midwestern bus tour while the economy is struggling.

Romney is in central Iowa talking about jobs and the nation's business climate. He's attending a GOP fundraiser in Des Moines ahead of Thursday night's Republican presidential debate in Ames.

Romney says he would tell Obama, "I sure as heck wouldn't be on a bus tour if I were president."

The former Massachusetts governor is making his second run at the Republican presidential nomination. He faces a series of challenges in the next few days: The debate, where he's sure to be criticized; the weekend Iowa straw poll, which he is bypassing, and Texas Gov. Rick Perry's expected entrance into the race.