GOP Release Best Of Al Gore CD

By Jim Burns | July 7, 2008 | 8:26 PM EDT

( - The Republican National Committee on Friday released a compact disc entitled "The Best of Al Gore: Hits of the 80's, 90's and Today" in an effort to expose what they call his numerous campaign "flip-flops" on the issues.

RNC Chairman Jim Nicholson said in a statement, "We sifted through countless hours of Gore flip-flops and fabrications to compile Gore's 'Best of' CD, all in ear pleasing digital stereo. The disc contains 18 hits in all."

To counter the RNC action the Democratic National Committee is rolling out a t-shirts squarely aimed at likely GOP presidential candidate George W Bush entitled the "George W. Bush, Bob Jones Redemption Tour," DNC spokesman Rick Hess told

"We're putting out t-shirts today that read, 'George W. Bush, Bob Jones redemption tour' on the front, they're like concert t-shirts," said Hess. "On the back the t-shirts read 'George W Bush, Bob Jones Redemption Tour 2000, Sold Out to Religious Conservatives & Right Wing Extremists. Corporate Sponsors: NRA, Big Tobacco, Big Polluters, HMO's & Insurance Companies."

The RNC included among the "Best Of" hits Gore's statement that "Clinton is One of Our Greatest Presidents," which the vice president made at the White House shortly after the House voted to impeach Clinton.

The first track on the CD is by Senator Bill Bradley, Gore's rival at the New Hampshire Democratic Presidential Debate held in January of this year.

"My question to you is why should we believe that you would tell the truth as president, if you don't tell the truth as a candidate?," Bradley said. The track does not contain a response from Gore.

Another famous Gore statement included is, "I invented the Internet."

"During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet," Gore said.

Other tracks include Gore's statements on discovering New York's Love Canal, his flip-flop on tobacco subsidies, abortion, the nuclear test ban treaty and the Joint Chiefs litmus test.

One particular statement highlighted by the RNC is "Gore's White House Post-Impeachment Pep Rally Speech" on December 19, 1998, after the House voted in favor of four articles of impeachment against Clinton.

"What happened as a result, does a great disservice to a man I believe will be regarded in the history books as one of our greatest presidents," Gore said.

Also on the CD is Gore defending his campaign manager, Donna Brazile on the Today show in January after she said Republicans use blacks like General Colin Powell and Congressman J.C. Watts for photo ops but don't really care about African-Americans. Couric asked Gore, when after speaking with Powell, if he (Gore) apologized for Brazile's comments.

"That was a spirit of the call, that word wasn't used. I regretted the way that he (Powell) heard Donna's comments," Gore said.

The CD also includes three tracks of Gore saying his appearance at a California Buddhist temple was a mistake, not knowing it was a fundraiser and his 1997 comment at the White House where Gore said he was proud of his fundraising mistake.

"I'm proud of what I did. I do not feel that I did anything wrong, much less illegal. I am proud to have done everything I possibly could to help support the re-election of this president, and to help move his agenda forward. In reviewing, the matter my counsels advises me, there's no case, there's no controlling legal authority that says that violates the law," Gore said.

Nicholson says he will give the CD free of charge to hundreds of talk show hosts and producers that will be attending this weekend's New Media Seminar in New York City. He will also ship the disc to radio talk show hosts who request them.

"We only made 1,000 copies, but if the disc thunders up the charts with the lightning speed of Gore fleeing a pool of reporters demanding a news conference, we're headed for number 1," Nicholson said.

Meanwhile the DNC t-shirts take issue with Bush and his appearance at Bob Jones University and other religious events. The bottom half of the back of the t-shirts say: "Coming soon to a city near you! October 1, 1999 Washington DC, Address to Christian Coalition. February 2, 2000, Greenville, South Carolina-Bob Jones University and May 9, 2000, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-Meeting with McCain. Under meeting with McCain, the word "cancelled?" is inscribed.

"Bush," Hess told, "has been traveling around the country, basically, painting himself as a different kind of Republican. He's trying to move back to the middle of the political spectrum after spending months wallowing in South Carolina talking about Confederate flag wavers and anti-abortion zealots. We're calling it over here the 'Bob Jones Redemption Tour' and making up t-shirts for it."