GOP Group Tries to Halt Black Voter Loyalty to Dems

By Marc Morano | July 7, 2008 | 8:31 PM EDT

( - A new black Republican national organization has formed to reach out to minority voters that overwhelmingly vote for the Democratic Party. The new group, calling itself the National Black Republican Association, asserts that blacks are being taken for granted by the Democratic Party and liberal black leadership.

"Black Democrats have built their power base on the backs of poor blacks and their black race hustlers like Jesse Jackson, (NAACP Chairman) Julian Bond and (former NAACP president) Kweisi Mfume scream racism, racism. They use poor black people. It's wrong, it's immoral," said the National Black Republican Association's (NBRA) chairman, Frances Rice, in an interview with Cybercast News Service.

Rice believes the time is ripe for "a new day in American politics" and is hopeful that the new NBRA can break the "unfounded loyalty between the blacks and the Democratic Party.

"The Democrats have been running urban black communities for the past 40 years and nothing has changed. Democrats have failed black communities with their failed socialist policies," she said.

Rice believes the GOP should reach out to black voters, pointing to recent speeches by both Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson before the National Urban League convention in July as proof that even liberal blacks are reconsidering their loyalty to the Democratic Party. Both Sharpton and Jackson slammed the Democratic Party for taking the black vote for granted.

"As long as we allow people to get elected off of us and deliver nothing to us, then part of our problem is that we have such low political self esteem," Sharpton told the National Urban League on July 28. "Every time we give them support for no support, we add to the marginalization of black men," Sharpton added.

Jackson echoed Sharpton's comments the following day and accused the Democratic Party of having a "weak, fuzzy ideology."

Despite these comments from Sharpton and Jackson, Rice believes her new GOP black group will still be vilified by liberal black leaders and groups.

"Even though the Republican Party continuously tried to help blacks, the Democrats have demagogued them. We now want to show blacks they have a choice. That is what we are doing. We are dedicated to it and we know we are going to be demagogued for our efforts," Rice said.

"We want to empower the people to control their own destiny, hold politicians accountable for their own promises, vote for candidates based on content of their policies and not the label of their party," she added.

African American Republicans believe the days of approximately 90 percent of black voters supporting the Democratic Party are coming to an end. They point to black home ownership rates, which have hit record levels and black income in America, which if categorized as a separate nation, would rank 15th among the world's largest economies, according to George Mason University economist Walter Williams.

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