Google strikes deal to add Admeld to arsenal

By the Associated Press | June 13, 2011 | 2:45 PM EDT

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Google has struck a deal to add another potentially valuable piece to its online advertising empire.

The agreement announced Monday calls for Google Inc. to buy a 3-year-old startup called Admeld. Based in New York, Admeld specializes in technology that helps websites make more money by selecting ads most likely to generate the most revenue.

Financial terms weren't disclosed. The acquisition still must be approved by government regulators who have been taking a closer look at Google's power in Internet search and online advertising.

Admeld's service is focused on marketing campaigns that promote brands and typically feature imagery. The format is known as display advertising, an area where Google Inc. has been gaining market share since its $3.2 billion acquisition of DoubleClick Inc. in 2008.