Gingrich: Pro-Obama Media Bias is Backfiring (video)

By Fred Lucas | September 3, 2008 | 8:12 PM EDT

 St. Paul, Minn.  ( – Pro-Obama media coverage could backfire on the Democratic presidential candidate, predicted conservatives attending the Republican National Convention.

 Non-partisan studies show that Democratic nominee Barack Obama has received more favorable treatment than his Republican opponent John McCain. So it should not be a surprise that a partisan GOP crowd agrees. 
“It’s clear the elite media is totally pro-Obama, and doing everything they can to try to get him elected," former House Speaker Newt Gingirch told "But I think they have a challenge, because I think the country now recognizes that and so their very bias begins to be a weakness.  I think it is backfiring because I think it so clear to people how biased and one-sided they are."
The Project for Excellence in Journalism has conducted several studies that showed news organizations, both print and online, have given Obama overwhelmingly more coverage than McCain.
Meanwhile, opinion polls this year, including those taken by Rasmussen and Fox News/Opinion Dynamics, show that a large majority of the public think reporters want Obama to win. 
“We as conservatives and Christians have always been concerned about subtle media bias,” Gary Bauer, president of the conservative group Campaign for Working Families, told “The only thing different is the subtly is gone. It’s overt. It’s aggressive. Many reporters have made it absolutely clear what they are hoping for. Because it’s so overt, I think it might backfire.”
Conservative talk radio show host Laura Ingraham thinks the coverage of Republican vice presidential candidate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin clearly shows media bias. 
“The lead up to the Democratic convention was glowing and very laudatory of Barack Obama,” Ingraham told “It was a little different flavor this week when Sarah Palin was treated to three front-page stories in The New York Times about her family.”